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About the Best Umbrella in the United States: Cape Umbrellas

Buy once, buy well. That is the number one reason why Cape Umbrellas has remained the number one supplier in the shade industry, but where did it all start?

Our Mission

Shade is our mission. We strive to create the most distinctive umbrellas focusing on ease of use with regards to the opening and closing of our umbrellas allowing our customers to enjoy the shade hassle free. All our umbrellas are well-designed and manufactured using only the highest quality materials.

Where It All Started

Cape Umbrellas was established in 1999 with the primary purpose of providing shade to the world combined with the idea to develop an easy-to-use mechanism. Specializing in the design, manufacture, and supply of patio umbrellas to the corporate, hospitality, restaurants, retail and end-users markets both locally and internationally, we have made a durable product from using only the best materials. Our umbrellas are easy to maintain, with all the parts being easily replaceable if the time comes.

Where Are We Now?

Cape Umbrellas has been around for over 20 years now and takes pride in our extensive range of patio umbrellas, all manufactured locally in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Cape Town, South Africa.

Automatic lifting system

The hidden self-lifting system provides an effortless opening and closing of the umbrella.

To open the umbrella
Simply lift the arm until the A.L.S takes over, lifting the umbrella until it is fully open. The hub will lock into place automatically, so no holding pin is required.

To close the umbrella
Simply pull down on the hub until the A.L.S takes over and closes the umbrella automatically.

Family owned for 20 years

Patented Automatic lifting system

Manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa

Dedicated to quality

Why Cape Umbrellas?

  • Our double joined seams and heavy duty binding with reinforced corners aid durability and strength.
  • Each pocket is reinforced with PVC inserts and double stitched to increase durability.
  • Teflon coated fabrics provide excellent water and anti – fungal resistance, as well as durable and long lasting protection against dirt and grime.
  • Our fabric offers unique anti-fade properties and high UV resistance, keeping their colour in the sunniest of climates.

High Standards of Quality

Our commitment to your superior shopping experience begins with our selection of the finest materials for manufacturing. We only select from suppliers that meet our high standards of quality.

Customer Approval

Continually striving to improve customer satisfaction, Cape Umbrellas is a trusted and credible umbrella manufacturer, receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews and holding an amazing overall satisfaction rating.

Trained Sales & Customer Service Representatives

Beyond our extensive selection, what makes us unique is our commitment to customer service through our knowledgeable and experienced customer service team. Each Representative has received comprehensive, hands-on product training, providing each customer with an exemplary online ordering experience.