Classic Aluminum

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The Classic Corporate {{size}} {{shape}} aluminum patio umbrellas is the ideal economy range umbrella fitted standard with our automatic lifting system. The perfect combination of materials to still give the feeling of elegance and perfection, tailored for all environments. Incomparable to any umbrella in its league, this economy range umbrella is perfect for almost every setting, allowing multiple units being opened in quick succession. Manufactured completely of aluminum and beautifully paired with nylon and stainless steel components. The entire umbrella matches our premium quality standards. 

What makes our umbrellas unique is our patented automatic lifting system. The Automatic lifting system features a unique patented automatic opening mechanism removing the need for cranks, pulleys and ropes. A simple pull opens the umbrella automatically.  

Solution dyed acrylic and polyester material blended to give you a unique and unmatched quality canvas top

Canopy Material: 3 year anti-fade solution-dyed acrylic and polyester material blended to give you a unique and unmatched quality canvas top.

Frame Material: 6063 Anodized aluminum  

Pole: Anodized (15mic) 2 inch (48mm) diameter aluminum pole. 

Struts: x4 Struts, Anodized (15mic) 1"x 0.6” (24mm x 16mm)  aluminum struts.

Hubs: Solid dye cast aluminum

Fittings: Nylon components/riveted

Brand: Cape Umbrellas

Condition: New 

Automatic lifting System

No ropes, no pulleys, no cranks. Simply different.

Wind tested

All our products have been tested in a state of the art wind tunnel to ensure the best standards are maintained.

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Custom Designed Umbrellas

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Cape Umbrellas strives to provide the highest-quality umbrellas to the residential, corporate, retail and hospitality markets across the globe. Add style to your garden with a cantilever patio umbrella, branded commercial umbrellas for corporate events, or allow your guests to enjoy the poolside with a quality shade experience.

No ropes, No pulleys. No cranks.

Completely unique, easy-to-use. Cape Umbrellas hidden self lifting system allows anyone to open and close the umbrellas with ease. The Automatic Lifting System (A.L.S) was thought through and designed by our dedicated and excellent team.

Wind tested

Our umbrellas have been tested in a state of the art wind tunnel to ensure we meet optimum quality standards. They are sturdy enough to withstand strong winds and ensure safety and peace of mind

Quality Branding

We provide the highest quality branded umbrellas to the corporate, hotel and restaurant sectors. Ensure your company has an impressive professional edge with branded luxury umbrellas for any event or outside space.

Dedicated Repair Service

Our shade umbrellas are crafted with the highest quality materials for the most durable products. Designed to be fully repairable- we will perform the repairs so you can buy once and never again.

Build Your Own

Design the perfect umbrella for your outside space. Create yours from scratch with our simple build your own option. You will be sure to get the most unique patio umbrella tailored for you.